1. Dystopian YA novels are one of my many guilty pleasures. I recently finished reading¬†Insurgent by Veronica Roth, which is the second book in her Divergent trilogy. While it’s no Hunger Games, it has a thoughtful premise re: the human condition, fast pacing, and a relatable protagonist (tiny girl who kicks ass, just saying). Even though I read it on my kindle the series’ cover art just really irks me. It’s all CGI-ish with bevel/emboss overload and is styled like a self-help book for finding your inner zen.

    So I decided to play around with what more minimal cover art would look like for the series. I tried to keep relatively true to the original color scheme and then used the arrangement of lines to reinforce the theme/title of each individual book. The background for Divergent is a map of the city of Chicago, where the series is set. For Insurgent it’s the floor plan of a building. I don’t know what the third book will be titled but I imagine the background would be a diagram of the human anatomy because as the series progresses there’s a transition from idolizing institutions to focusing instead on the individual.

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